VSPRING Daily Podcasts: Episode 3: Look What I Have Found in a 1,480-Page Bill from Congress

24 Min Listen By: Lisa R. Stark

Podcast host Lisa Stark, Editor-in-Chief of www.businesslawtoday.org, speaks with Stuart Kaswell on new SEC authority and AML developments that you may have missed.

Host: Lisa Stark, editor-in-chief of the Business Law Section’s www.businesslawtoday.org and partner at K&L Gates.

Guest: Stuart Kaswell, an internationally known financial services attorney with over 40 years of experience in the regulation of market participants.


Wilmington, DE

Lisa R. Stark

Lisa Stark is a partner in the firm’s Wilmington office and was Editor-in-Chief of Business Law Today from 2020 to 2023. Lisa has over 15 years of corporate experience in such areas as mergers and acquisitions,…

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