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Minneapolis, MN

Beau Raymond-Iaquinto

University of St. Thomas School of Law


    Beau Raymond-Iaquinto is a 32-year-old 3L J.D. candidate at University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. His career vision is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by providing timely and useful legal and business counsel. As a former brewery entrepreneur, he has firsthand experience with what entrepreneurs deal with in running their business and the constant balancing act of managing risk while embracing opportunities. His skills allow him to make calculated risk assessments of business transactions and the potential opportunities that arise to make sure his clients clearly understand any business decision they are making. He also has a professional business, client management, and financial services background from working as a Retirement Consultant for Allianz selling investment and insurance products wholesale to financial advisors across the country. He wants to work for a boutique business law firm that specializes in growth markets such as renewable energy business, cannabis, robotics and AI, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.

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