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7 Min Read
5 days ago

Attorney Career Advancement: Awards and Recognitions

By: Lana J. Manganiello
This article is part of the Attorney Career Advancement series, monthly articles from attorney business development coach Lana Manganiello offering insights and advice on practical approaches to attorney growth and practice development. Nearly everyone enjoys receiving acknowledgment of a job well done and excellence in their work, and certainly lawyers are no exception. The number... Read more »
6 Min Read
September 1, 2022

Mergers & Acquisitions and Global Developments in Corporate Sustainability

By: Susan A. Maslow
Experienced counsel have for some time advised companies to consider ESG factors in their mergers and acquisitions. While environmental, social, and governance (ESG) or “sustainability” factors are not included on financial statements, increasing pressure for sustainability, data collection, and transparency on climate risk, social justice, and corporate governance now make ESG risk due diligence a... Read more »
10 Min Read
August 11, 2022

Law Firms’ Policies Reaffirm Commitment to LGBTQ Community

By: Rick Paszkiet
The Pride Parades were back this summer—after a two-year hiatus because of COVID—and the large crowds and enthusiasm demonstrated acceptance and support of the LGBTQ community in our society. Many business law firms are committed to serving and supporting LGBTQ staff, clients, and initiatives as part of their diversity programs. Below is a sampling of... Read more »

latest articles & videos

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