The Business Law Section has partnered with Hotshot, the video-based learning platform for lawyers, to provide free access to the market-leading M&A video series created by the ABA M&A Committee and Hotshot. A new series will be featured every two months, and previous series can be accessed with an ABA or Hotshot account.


Indemnifiable Losses

This series teaches lawyers about indemnifiable losses in M&A agreements. The courses cover the definition of loss, drafting and negotiation tips, buyer and seller perspectives, and market trend information from the ABA M&A Committee’s Private Target Deal Points Study

Indemnifiable Losses

Course Summaries

Course Summaries include the key points from the videos and can be downloaded from Hotshot for future reference. Training Guides are designed for lawyers running group training sessions and include hypos, discussion questions, and instructions for facilitators and attendees; they can be accessed from the course pages.

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