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Christopher Odinet

University of Iowa
Bankruptcy & Finance


    Chris Odinet is the Josephine R. Witte Professor of Law at the University of Iowa. His teaching and research specialize in commercial and consumer finance law and real estate transactions, with an emphasis on mortgage lending and financial regulation. He is a co-author on several widely used casebooks on secured credit and real estate finance, and he is the author of Foreclosed: Mortgage Servicing and the Hidden Architecture of Homeownership in America (published in 2019 by Cambridge University Press).

    In addition to his faculty role, Chris has been active in numerous professional and public service organizations, including the Association of American Law Schools, the American Bar Association, the Uniform Law Commission, the American Law Institute, and the American College of Real Estate Lawyers. He currently serves as co-editor of The Business Lawyer’s Annual Survey of Consumer Financial Services Law.

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