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Daniel B. Garrie


Daniel Garrie, Esq. is the Co-Founder of Law & Forensics LLC, a global legal engineering firm, where he leads the computer forensics, eDiscovery and forensic teams for organizations and law firms all over the globe. Daniel is also an experienced neutral and court appointed forensic examiner working with parties and the courts on some of the most intricate and prominent cases around the country. Over the course of his career, he has served as a neutral, mediator, arbitrator, ESI liaison, discovery referee, special master, forensic examiner and expert witness in many  high-profile cases all over the globe involving hundreds of millions of dollars. Daniel is also a renowned legal scholar having authored more than 250 articles and books and has been recognized by several United States Supreme Court Justices for his legal scholarship and his scholarship has been cited in dozens of court opinions. You can contact Daniel via email at [email protected] or via phone at 855-529-2466. See Daniel’s JAMS page.

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