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Chicago, IL

Dennis Rendleman

Legal Opinions & Ethics


    Dennis A. Rendleman, (AB, political science, 1978, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; JD, 1981, University of Illinois College of Law) is Ethics Counsel in the Center for Professional Responsibility at the American Bar Association where he provides expertise and research on legal and judicial ethics and professional responsibility law and professionalism.  He is counsel to the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility. Prior to joining the ABA, Rendleman was Assistant Professor of Legal Studies at the University of Illinois at Springfield and spent twenty-three years at the Illinois State Bar Association leaving in 2003 as General Counsel.  Rendleman has engaged in the private practice as a consultant and expert witness in professional responsibility and discipline matters.  He is a former member of and current liaison to the Illinois Supreme Court’s Committee on Professional Responsibility and has been a member of the Illinois Judicial Ethics Committee since its founding in 1998.  He served on the Board and as President of the Illinois Supreme Court Legal Historical Society and has presented and published papers at numerous legal and history conferences and in numerous journals.

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