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Elizabeth A. Eccher


    A specialist in accounting, financial analysis, and valuation, Dr. Eccher has served as an expert in commercial disputes involving the proper application of accounting principles. Her consulting experience includes interpretation and application of financial accounting standards and terminology, damages estimation for lost sales, cost analyses, business valuations, and financial analyses for transfer pricing. Dr. Eccher’s work has spanned such industries as computer software, biotechnology, automotive, financial services, agriculture, retail, and utilities. Examples of her consulting work include calculating lost profits in breach of contract and unfair competition cases in the high-speed rail, software, and pharmaceuticals industries; analyzing complex transactions in tax litigation; and evaluating the materiality of financial statement disclosures in the financial services industry. Before joining Analysis Group, Dr. Eccher taught financial and managerial accounting at the Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Her research has been published in leading academic accounting journals.

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