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Houston, TX

F. Hale Stewart

Hale Stewart Law


Highly educated
Has and uses a broad spectrum of legal knowledge
Has and uses a broad spectrum of other knowledge such as business, finance and economics
Primarily uses flat-rate billing method
Returns all calls – at the latest – by the end of the day
Comes to your office for meetings

F. Hale Stewart, JD, LL.M, is a fifth generation attorney with ten years of experience. He has a Masters in domestic and international taxation (Thomas Jefferson, magna cum laude). He focuses his practice on transitional tax and legal planning.

He is also a financial adviser with Thompson Creek Wealth Advisers whose weekly commentary on domestic and international markets is widely read. This broad base of knowledge including law, tax, finance and economics informs all his advice and explains his professional credo: β€œThe Law Office of Hale Stewart is where finance, economics and law meet.”

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