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New Castle, NH

John N. Bush

Self Employed


John is a licensed attorney and CPA. He has worked for many years in the fields of tax, accounting, and finance. During this time, he served a partner at KPMG, as the global head of tax at The Chase Manhattan Bank NA, and as the head of international tax planning at Citigroup where he was also in charge of related accounting and finance areas. Prior to working in these areas, he had a career as a litigator, including acting as an Assistant US Attorney in the Southern District of New York, where he specialized in the prosecution of white collar crimes. He now acts as a consultant on tax, accounting and finance issues with a special focus on global development in less developed countries. He has studied global development most recently in a graduation program at Boston University where he worked on a project focused on national development banks.

Education & licenses – Colby College (B.A. 1964); Yale Law School (L.L.B. 1967); Stanford Business School (M.B.A. 1978); Boston University (MA, Global Development Policy, 2017); admitted to the bar in N.Y. and N.J.; licensed C.P.A. in N.Y. and Maryland.

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