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San Francisco, CA

Lainey Feingold

Law Office of Lainey Feingold


Lainey Feingold has been a disability rights lawyer since 1992 with her own law practice in Berkeley California. She has worked with the blind community across the United States on issues of information and technology access. Lainey believes in collaboration and practices Structured Negotiation, a dispute resolution process she developed along with her clients and co-counsel.  Her book on the process, Structured Negotiation, a Winning Alternative to Lawsuits was first published by the American Bar Association in 2016. She self-published the second edition in October 2021.  

Lainey has been named a Legal Rebel and problem solver of the year by the American Bar Association and has twice received a California Lawyer Attorney of the Year Award—all for her work in Structured Negotiation. She is an international speaker and thought leader on both Structured Negotiation and digital accessibility, and serves as a consultant with Disability:IN, a leading business non-profit working with Fortune 1000 companies on disability inclusion initiatives. More on Lainey’s website or follow her on Twitter.

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