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Mohamad M. Nasr-Azadani

Impartial GradientZ


Mohamad is the founder of Impartial GradientZ—an advisory firm helping clients with bridging the gap between R&D in AI and Machine Learning and industry challenges. In the past, Mohamad served as a Principal Data Scientist at Accenture leading applied R&D in AI– ML-Ops, Differentiated Hardware and AI Model Deployment, Causal Inference, Physics-informed AI, and Digital Twins. He holds numerous patents, peer-reviewed publications, and presented at international conferences.

Prior to Accenture, Mohamad received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California–Santa Barbara. His research was focused on ‘Computational & Environmental Fluid Dynamics’ (CFD). He enjoyed building computational & mathematical models of ‘underwater avalanches’ occurring in oceans. Mohamad loves to learn new topics, help teams grow, and work within multi-disciplinary team settings.


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