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Rudy DeFelice


    Rudy is a co-founder and CEO of Keesal Propulsion Labs, a company with the mission of empowering people through digital transformation.  KP Labs believes deeply that humans can achieve greater things when unshackled from routine, repetitive tasks and has made it its mission to use automation to elevate human potential and increase joy in their work.  KP Labs serves corporate legal departments primarily and clients include the most innovative companies in Silicon Valley and Wall Street.  It focuses on workflow automation, contract intelligence and solving hard problems, using low code and AI solutions, smart design and a commitment to problem solving.

    Rudy is an early pioneer in legal technology and has been involved in innovation in the legal space for 20 years.  He’s founded 3 technology companies, including a venture backed, Inc. 5000 company in the legal tech space (acquired in 2011) and has had two successful exits.  Rudy speaks regularly at national technology conferences, has been interviewed on CNN, ABC, The Wall Street Journal and other media outlets on technology issues, is a best-selling author, TEDx speaker and has advised or invested in a number of tech-related companies in the legal space.  He’s an alumnus of Harvard Business School and the University of Connecticut School of Law.

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