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Tokyo, Japan

Shinichiro Abe

Kasumigaseki International


Shin-Ichiro Abe is one of Japan’s leading specialists in Japanese and international corporate restructuring and insolvency law. In addition to the foregoing, he also well versed in domestic corporate/commercial transactions and disputes including domestic and international arbitration. Shin-Ichiro has also contributed to numerous publications and spoken at various seminars and events on the topics of insolvency, arbitration/mediation and other topical subjects. Shinichiro is an adjunct law professor both at Chuo Law School, and Kokushikan University (Department of Law).

Shin-Ichiro is a member of various professional affiliations. including: Chair of East Asia Association of Insolvency and Restructuring (Japan Chapter); board member of Japanese Association for Business Recovery (affiliation of Insol); board member of the Japanese Association of Turnaround Professionals; char of Japan Institution of International Arbitration Research and Training (JIIART); former chair of insolvency committee of International Pacific Bar Association (IBA); and former board member of the International Insolvency Institute (III).

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