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Susan Smith Blakely


    Ms. Blakely graduated from the University of Wisconsin with distinction and from Georgetown Law where she was a teaching fellow. Her diverse background includes private practice with law firms, specializing in litigation and land use law, experience in both state and federal courts and before administrative commissions and boards, and service in the public sector as Chief of Staff for an elected official. During her practice years, Ms. Blakely published the following comprehensive articles in academic law journals:

    Credit Opportunities for Women: The ECOA and Its EffectsWisconsin Law Review, Fall 1981.

    Judicial and Legislative Attitudes Toward the Right to an Equal Education for the Handicapped, Ohio State Law Journal, Fall 1979.

    After 25 years of practice and public service, Ms. Blakely retired as a law firm partner in 2006 to devote herself to issues challenging young lawyers. She and her husband Bill, who also is a lawyer, live in Great Falls, Virginia, and have two children: Elizabeth, a graduate of the University of Virginia and Seton Hall University School of Law, who is an associate with a law firm in NYC; and Derick, also a graduate of the University of Virginia and Washington College of Law, American University, an associate with a law firm in Nashville, TN. When she is not writing, Ms. Blakely enjoys reading, playing the piano, gardening, summers at the shore, traveling, being with family and friends, and serving on not-for-profit boards of directors.

    Ms. Blakely is the author of the following books:

    Best Friends at the Bar:  What Women Need to Know about a Career in the Law, (Wolters Kluwer/Aspen Publishers, 2009);

    Best Friends at the Bar: The New Balance for Today’s Woman Lawyer (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, 2012);

    Best Friends at the Bar:  Top-Down Leadership for Women Lawyers  (Wolters Kluwer Law & Business, n2015); and

    What Millennial Lawyers Want:  A Bridge from the Past to the Future of Law Practice (Wolters Kluwer/Aspen Publishers, 2018).

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