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Vincent C. Thomas


    When closely-held or public companies seek help in structuring transactions around tax, liability, business succession, and other corporate issues, they call on Vince Thomas, Partner at Young Conaway, to combine sophisticated counsel with sound and practical business judgment. His transactional skills, often in collaboration with the firm’s bankruptcy group, are a unique and valuable complement to his long established practice representing institutional trustees and individuals in issues of Delaware trust and alternative entity law.

    Adept at explaining intricate legal concepts in laymen’s terms, Vince involves clients fully in the transaction process. In deals where a single word can have enormous future consequences, he meticulously presents his clients with every viable option, arming them with the substantive knowledge they need to make solid business decisions.

    From the precise drafting of transaction documents to the complex tax planning and re-domestication of out-of-state trusts into Delaware, Vince immerses himself in the details and nuances, protecting his clients from unwarranted exposures as he guides their matters to successful resolution.

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