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About BLT

Business Law Today is seeking your ideas for high quality, original content that contributes value to business lawyers. We accept contributions ranging from a few sentences to several thousand words across nine legal practice areas:

Bankruptcy and Finance
Business Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Business of Law
Business Regulation and Regulated Industries
Corporations, LLCs and Partnerships
Internet Law and Cybersecurity
Legal Opinions and Ethics
Mergers and Acquisitions
Securities Law

Please note that all ideas, submissions and content will be reviewed by the Editorial Board. The Board is made up of practicing attorneys, judges, and academics. Submissions are reviewed based on relevance, originality, timeliness, and value-add. All substance is reviewed for accuracy of law, quality of insight, and consistency with Business Law Today guidelines and tone.

Content Categories

Business Law Today publishes in several categories. When submitting a pitch, please identify the intended content category of your work.


The month’s most important and timely headlines in around 150–300 words. These are scannable, curated monthly briefings. They might summarize a recent Supreme Court ruling, point to an interesting development in the field, or introduce a new lawsuit with broader implications for practitioners. Month-in-briefs include “Pennsylvania Takes Action Against Uber’s Data Breach,” “SEC Proposes Target Changes to Public Liquidity Risk Management Disclosure,” and “Merger of PotashCorp and Agrium Clears Final FTC Hurdle.”


Quick insights on timely issues relevant to practitioners. Articles offer new or unique angle, analysis or advice in around 1500 words. Many of our articles work best with a hook—a concrete development (often a recent case or news item) that frames the piece. Articles include “What the Supreme Court’s Whistleblower Decision Means for Companies” and “The Incredibly Compelling Case to Rethink Records Retention in 2018 and Beyond.”


Longer-form content that offers deep analysis of a topic. These pieces often incorporate footnotes and analyze a number of cases as they track the development of a concept, or they might deep-dive into a particular case, pulling in precedent and other impactful context to explicate its significance. In-depth articles are generally behind a paywall, accessible to members of the American Bar Association’s Business Law Section. In-depth articles include “Some Aspects of the EU’s New Framework for Personal Data Privacy” and “Annual Survey of Judicial Developments Pertaining to Venture Capital.”

Publication Guidelines

Business Law Today publishes articles consistently as they are ready to go, while month-in-briefs are published monthly. Publicity emails go out at the start of the month and at mid-month. A submitted article could take anywhere from a few days to a few months to move from submission to publication, depending on the nearest publication date, available peer reviewers, length of piece, and editorial calendar, though it’s best to plan for about two weeks as turn-around time.

The tone of the site tends toward journalistic and casual, less formal than much of legal and academic writing. Authors are not paid and maintain full publication rights following their appearance on the site. Business Law Today does not reprint pre-published articles. We are, however, able to work with repurposed client alerts.

Submission Process

We accept both pitches and completed pieces. Submit to either the site editor or a practice area editor, listed below. Once an article is received, it will first go out for peer review. Following peer review, it will be returned to the author as needed. Once the author has had the chance to address the comments of the peer reviewer and revise the piece, the article will be returned to staff for copyediting in accordance with house style. The author will have a final chance to revise before publication. The author will also be responsible for signing a publication agreement and submitting a biography and photo (350×350 or larger and 72 dpi).

Pitch an Editor

Olivia Stovicek, Staff Editor
Lisa Stark, Editor-in-Chief


Contact an editor of the practice area you want to write in:

Bankruptcy and Finance: Janet Nadile, Megan Adeyemo, Samuel Henninger
Business Litigation and Dispute Resolution: Sara Bussiere, Armeen Mistry
Corporations, LLCs and Partnerships: Tarik Haskins, Mark Hobson
Internet Law and Cybersecurity: Juliet Moringiello, Sara Beth Kohut
Legal Opinions and Ethics: Keith Fisher, Christina Houston
Mergers and Acquisitions: Chauncey Lane, Yelena Dunaevsky
Business Regulation and Regulated Industries: Lynette Hotchkiss
Securities Law: Alan Wilson, Rani Doyle