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Ed Dietel, a retired member of the D.C. and Virginia Bars, is the author of the 2017 and 25th edition of the Thomson Reuter’s Corporate Compliance Series volume entitled Designing an Effective Corporate Information, Knowledge Management, and Records Retention Compliance Program, which comprehensively and completely details the issues discussed in this article. It is the “bible” for information, knowledge, and expertise management that answers thousands of questions, from the most basic to the most complicated, about how to effectively manage information, knowledge, and expertise contained, or that should be contained, in client records.

He began his practice of law in 1973 in the Office of General Counsel at the Central Intelligence Agency and retired as the Deputy General Counsel in 1995. He since has served as a senior member of several businesses and writes extensively about business subjects of corporate leadership, information, knowledge, and record management.

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