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Chicago, IL

Randolph A. Kahn

Kahn Consulting
Business Regulation & Regulated Industries


    Randolph Kahn and his firm, Kahn Consulting Inc. (, are recognized across the globe as leaders in information governance. Mr. Kahn has advised the U.S. and foreign governments, courts systems, and major multinational corporations on a wide variety of information issues, including e-communications strategies, privacy, social media policy, information security, electronic signatures, records-management programs implementation, and litigation-response processes. Mr. Kahn has been an expert witness in major court cases. He is a highly regarded speaker and a two-time recipient of the Britt Literary Award. He has written numerous published works, including Chucking Daisies, Email Rules, Information Nation: Seven Keys to Information Management Compliance, Information Nation Warrior, and Privacy Nation. Mr. Kahn teaches Law and Policy of Electronic Information at Washington University School of Law and The Politics of Information at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is currently working on a new book entitled, The Executive’s Guide to Navigating the Information Universe.

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