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Robert B. Dickie


    Robert B. Dickie, J.D., is a the founder and a principal of The Dickie Group, which trains lawyers in finance and accounting at leading firms in the U.S., European Union, and Asia.  Bob is a member of the State Bars of California, Massachusetts and New York. He is a former corporate law specialist at Shearman & Sterling, New York, was a tenured professor at Boston University’s School of Management, a faculty member of The Women’s Institute of the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association, and a faculty member of the Stanford Law School’s Directors’ College.  The heart of his expertise is where corporate finance, the law, and corporate strategy converge. 

    He earned a B. A. at Yale University, studied at the Goethe Institut in Germany and L’Institut d’Etudes Politiques in Paris, and earned a J. D. at the School of Law, University of California at Berkeley, and is the author of with Peter Russo of the third edition (2020) of Financial Statement Analysis and Business Valuation for the Practical Lawyer, which was published by the American Bar Association (first two editions 1996 and 2006).

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