Cyber Security and Data Privacy - The New Frontier: Season 4, Episode 5: Challenges in the Private and Public Sector in Complying with Cybersecurity Risks and Regulations

32 Min Listen By: ABA Business Law Section

In Episode 5, host Jordan L. Fischer, Esq. interviews Diane M. Janosek, current CEO of Janos LLC and former member Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service.  Ms. Janosek also served as the National Security Agency’s Deputy Chief of Compliance. In this episode, Diane provides a detailed look at the challenges that both the private and the public sector have in complying with evolving cybersecurity risks and regulations. Diane and Jordan dive into the challenges for technical innovation in light of emerging restrictive regulations and enforcements.

For more information on Diane Janosek, visit To contact our host, Jordan L. Fischer, Esq., regarding this podcast or to inquire into becoming a guest, please contact Ms. Fischer at [email protected]


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