The Law and Blockchain: Episode 6: Tung Chan Lived Ethereum’s Birth and Uses That Experience to Advise Blockchain Startup Formation

64 Min Listen By: Amy Wan

As Ethereum’s first general counsel, Tung Chan was the legal advisor to Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum in the early days starting from the launch of its genesis block in July 2015. She recounts the early days and challenges of the Ethereum public blockchain, and tells us how that now colors how she advises blockchain startups.

After Ethereum, Tung became the became general counsel for the DAV Foundation, a blockchain startup for decentralized autonomous vehicles. Prior to Ethereum, Tung was the securities regulator for the State of Hawaii and led a team of prosecutors and investigators. She began her practice as a securities lawyer at Cleary Gottlieb in New York City.

An experienced lawyer who has advised both public and private Fortune 100 companies, Tung has expertise in regulatory affairs as well as aviation, start-up, Fintech, securities and corporate matters. As general counsel, she has a great deal of experience with managing affairs in jurisdictions around the world including Switzerland, Malta, Singapore and others. She began her law career clerking on the US Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit and on the Constitutional Court of South Africa, soon after the adoption of the post-apartheid Constitution.

Linkedin: Tung Chan, General Counsel at DAV Foundation
Telegram: @tungchan


Amy Wan

Amy Wan is Founder & CEO of Bootstrap Legal, which automates real estate syndication legal documents, and co-founder and CEO of Sagewise, a legaltech blockchain company. She hosts The Law and Blockchain…

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