VSAM Daily Podcasts: Episode 4: Profound Change - The Evolution of ESG

45 Min Listen By: Diane Babal, Ashley Walter

The podcast is based on an article of the same name to be published in the Fall 2020 issue of The Business Lawyer (Volume 75, Issue 4). The discussion focuses on the evolution, meaning, and critical importance of the of the ideas, meanings, and principles embodied in the terms, “sustainability,” “CSR” (corporate social responsibility), and ESG (environmental, social, and governance). The discussion was also heavily influenced by the impact of the pandemic, the killing of George Floyd, and the resulting protests.


Chicago, IL

Diane Babal

Diane Babal is the editor of The Business Lawyer, the ABA Business Law Section’s quarterly journal.

Ashley Walter

Ashley Walter is a business lawyer who specializes in advising technology and life sciences companies regarding corporate social responsibility (CSR) governance and compliance with CSR-related legal requirements…

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