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9 Min Read
3 days ago

Recent No-Poach Developments: McDonald’s Latest Judicial Win Comes as Federal Enforcement Agencies Ally to Promote Labor

By: Barbara T. Sicalides, A. Christopher Young, Robert Austin Jenkin, II
Antitrust in labor markets remains a hot topic for government, business, and labor. Consistent with the Biden administration’s “Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the American Economy,” the antitrust enforcement agencies continue to push the use of the antitrust laws to enhance the mobility and bargaining power of employees. On July 26, 2022, the U.S.... Read more »
7 Min Read
July 19, 2022

Let ’Em Out! ROSCA and Changes to California’s Auto-Renewal Law

By: Frank Conlon
Auto-renewing arrangements are more and more ubiquitous, from TV channel subscriptions to meal-kit delivery plans—and the regulators are interested. Late last year, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and California took actions with respect to auto-renewing subscriptions. The FTC issued a policy statement in October 2021, and California’s governor signed into law amendments to the state’s... Read more »
16 Min Read
July 6, 2022

The Fee Hike Dilemma: The U.S. Supreme Court Resolves Fee Dispute and Holds Fee Hike Unconstitutional

By: Brigid K. Ndege, Christian Conway
As the recent Congressional tax hike for chapter 11 debtors demonstrates, the existence of two programs to administer bankruptcy cases can result in vehemently different outcomes for similarly situated debtors. In 2017, Congress temporarily increased the quarterly fees large chapter 11 debtors pay during their bankruptcy cases.[1] The change in fees was intended to provide... Read more »

latest articles & videos

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