Conversations with GCs: Episode 6: Randy Ebner – Taking Ownership and Holding Yourself Accountable

40 Min Listen By: ABA Business Law Section


Host David Hamm, Co-Chair of the In-House Subcommittee of the ABA Corporate Governance Committee, talks with Randall (“Randy”) Ebner, former Vice President and General Counsel of Exxon Mobil Corporation. We start off the conversation discussing the path that Randy took to become a general counsel. He admits that although he knew he wanted to become a lawyer since middle school, he never thought about becoming a general counsel until he developed interests in both business and law along with both domestic and global issues.

The first theme that was consistent in our discussion was the value and importance of integrity and professionalism in the legal field. Randy continuously harped upon how important it is for every attorney to hold themselves to an exceptional level of accountability and take ownership for their actions. Randy went on to offer aspiring GCs valuable advice for their careers, highlighting the importance of “showing a passion” as being a GC is as “24/7 365 as it gets.” We wrap up the conversation discussing the future of the GC role and some skills that future general counsels will need to be successful. 


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