Cybersecurity and Data Privacy – The New Frontier: Season 3, Episode 2: Understanding Silicon Valley Bank and the Fall Out with Eamon Gallagher

24 Min Listen By: ABA Business Law Section


In Episode 2, host Jordan L. Fischer, Esq. interviews Eamon Gallagher, currently the Director of the Entrepreneurial Law Clinical at Drexel Law School and advisor to start-ups.  Jordan and Eamon walk through the recent events surrounding Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and the impact of SVB on the start-up ecosystem. Drawing on his work with hundreds of start-ups, Eamon provides practical take-aways that we can learn from SVB, and key insights into challenges that businesses who rely on investments may face in the coming months.

For more information on Mr. Gallagher: To contact our host, Jordan L. Fischer, Esq., regarding this podcast or to inquire into becoming a guest, please contact Ms. Fischer at [email protected].


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