Unusual Litigations – Disputes that look different: Episode 1: Receiverships and Fiduciaries

18 Min Listen By: Stuart M. Riback

When and why can a court take control of a business away from its management and install a receiver?  What does or can a receiver do once s/he is in place?  What should a receiver do once s/he is in place?  How much litigation does or should a receiver do in the course of the work?  How does an attorney become a receiver?  Judge Louis Bledsoe (North Carolina Business Court) and Melissa Visconti (Damian & Valori, Miami) talk about the processes, pitfalls and triggers for receivership.  They also provide an overview of the work of the Receiverships and Fiduciaries subcommittee.


New York, NY

Stuart M. Riback

Stuart M. Riback is a member of the New York law firm of Wilk Auslander LLP. His practice is concentrated in the areas of commercial, financial, creditors’ rights, intellectual property, and cross-border…

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