VSAM Daily Podcasts: Episode 3: The Model Business Corporation Act Celebrates 70 Years – Commemorated by the Fifth Edition of the Model Business Corporation Act Annotated

32 Min Listen By: Larry Hamermesh

In this podcast episode, a distinguished panel of BLS members from the Corporate Laws Committee discuss the genesis, importance, and usefulness of the Model Business Corporation Act for business lawyers, law professors, and business leaders/government officials.

Laurie Smiley, chair of the Business Law Section’s Corporate Laws Committee; David Martin, senior counsel, Covington & Burling LLP and immediate past chair of the Corporate Laws Commitee; Jonathan Lipson, Harold E. Kohn Professor of Law, Temple University-Beasley School of Law; Larry Hamermesh, executive director, Institute for Law and Economics, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School and professor emeritus, Widener University Delaware Law School; Elizabeth Pollman, professor of law, co-director, Institute for Law & Economics at the University of Pennsylvania Law School; and John Lawrence, partner, Shipman & Goodman LLP in Hartford, CT.


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