Conversations with GCs: Episode 7: Sterling Miller – Raising Your Hand Early and Often

52 Min Listen By: ABA Business Law Section


Host David Hamm, Co-Chair of the In-House Subcommittee of the ABA Corporate Governance Committee, talks with Sterling Miller, former GC at Sabre Corporation, Travelocity, and Marketo. We kicked off our conversation with Sterling’s unique path to becoming GC, which was inspired by the Game of Life and included him handwriting five hundred letters to companies in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Ultimately, Sterling discusses how he was proactive in his career by raising his “hand early and often.” He also credits his diverse skill sets across many legal fields that helped him land his first general counsel role.  

We then moved on to advice that Sterling had for aspiring GCs. A consistent theme throughout the conversation was the importance of asking for help. Sterling mentioned that everyone in his career was willing to help him when he was approached by a daunting or new task. As he grew into his new GC role, Sterling discussed how he learned to develop people-managing skills, something that is not taught in law school but is critical in the workforce. Overall, Sterling’s admirable stories and excellent and inspiring advice combined for an intriguing and exciting conversation!


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