Corporate Lawyers Changing the World: Episode 3: Business Responsibility and Your Privacy

40 Min Listen By: Alan S. Gutterman

In this episode of “Corporate Lawyers Changing the World: An Insider’s Look at Corporate Social Responsibility” we talk with Stan Smith about the responsibility of businesses for respecting the privacy rights of workers, customers and others who make their personal information available when interacting with companies.

Stan, one of the authors of The Lawyer’s Corporate Social Responsibility Deskbook, is Senior Vice President and Americas General Counsel for Software AG, a global provider of software products and services. Stan’s day-to-day responsibilities at Software AG include providing legal counsel on a broad range of global and regional issues, particularly in the areas of licensing, M&A, product development, employment, competition, corporate governance, CSR, contract management, and litigation. Stan has lectured on legal topics relating to in-house practice and building relationships with outside legal service providers, and is a member of several professional committees and practice groups, including the ABA Business Law Section’s Corporate Social Responsibility Law Committee.


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