Corporate Lawyers Changing the World: Episode 4: Environmental Responsibility in Your Organization

33 Min Listen By: Alan S. Gutterman

In this episode of “Corporate Lawyers Changing the World: An Insider’s Look at Corporate Social Responsibility” we talk with Margaret Richardson about integrating environmental responsibility into the day-to-day activities of the legal department and advising directors and senior managers on responding to environmental challenges including climate change. Margaret, one of the authors of The Lawyer’s Corporate Social Responsibility Deskbook, is the Vice President of Regulatory, Compliance and Safety for Global Widget, LLC. Prior to joining Global Widget, LLC Margaret served as General Counsel and Head of Regulatory for Anuvia Plant Nutrients. Margaret has also held the title of Vice President, Legal for Mayne Pharma Inc. and Endo Pharmaceuticals and General Counsel of Jubilant Life Sciences. She brings a unique educational background with science and business degrees before completing her JD at North Carolina Central University.


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