Unusual Litigations – Disputes that look different: Episode 3: Sports-related Litigation

17 Min Listen By: Stuart M. Riback

Sports litigation presents a unique set of issues because of high visibility and because of the maze of overlapping rules and special tribunals. There are different kinds of questions to confront when representing team owners, players, agents, television networks, colleges, leagues or associations. Depending on the dispute, it may be decided in court, in a regular arbitration, arbitration before a commissioner or a standing arbitration panel. Managing publicity and keeping an eye on future relationships can be key. Stuart Riback interviews Nick Sanchez (Theodora Ohringer, Costa Mesa, CA) and Mark Humenik (Polk Kabat, Orange, CA) about some of the unique challenges in representing collegiate or professional athletes and how to negotiate the labyrinth of collective bargaining agreements, league licensing, individual athlete contracts and endorsements and public relations issues.


New York, NY

Stuart M. Riback

Stuart M. Riback is a member of the New York law firm of Wilk Auslander LLP. His practice is concentrated in the areas of commercial, financial, creditors’ rights, intellectual property, and cross-border…


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