Book Chat — Director’s Technology Handbook: Tips and Strategies for Advising Corporate Directors

6 Min View By: Rick Paszkiet

“There is no such thing as a company that isnt a technology company today,” says Michael Fleming, contributor to Director’s Technology Handbook: Tips and Strategies for Advising Corporate Directors. “Even if youre making buggy whips, youre running a website on Buggy Whip Dot Com, or whatever the case may be.” Designed to be a practical reference tool, Director’s Technology Handbook provides guidance to help boards of directors and lawyers who advise them to decipher critical technology issues and the legal implications that can affect the organizations they serve. In this conversation, Fleming discusses the book’s origins, the range of expertise of its contributors, and its attempt to empower corporate directors to ask the right questions.

Directors Technology Handbook is available from the American Bar Association in book and e-book form.

Read more about the video’s featured speaker below:

Michael Fleming

Michael Fleming is the Membership Officer of the Business Law Section. In his day job, he’s an experienced in-house practitioner focused on technology, commercial contracting, intellectual property, litigation, and information security.


Chicago, IL

Rick Paszkiet

Rick Paszkiet is the Content Manager of the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association.

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